Referral Information for Patients

You will need a referral from your family doctor (GP) to see a Specialist at the Great Southern Specialist Centre.

When making a referral, your family doctor (GP) will decide what type of specialist will be the best suited to managing your care and will directly provide us:

  • A letter of referral
  • Clinical notes
  • Any Medical Imaging, such as Chest CT scan or Chest X-rays

Unless you’ve been told otherwise, this information should come directly from your GP or referring doctor and you won’t have to send or so anything. We may follow up with you if more information is needed.

How Long Does a Referral Take?

You’ll be contacted directly by the Great Southern Specialist Centre team or the Specialist’s Consulting Rooms once referrals have been received and information is processed into systems.

In most cases, you will hear from our team about the date of your appointment within 1 week of us receiving your referral. If it has been more than 2 weeks since your GP sent their referral, please contact us to follow up.

Your doctor can get all the referral information they need, including referral criteria from our website here.

When should I expect my appointment?

Your specialist will review the referral and determine how soon you need to be seen, based on ensuring that each patient gets the optimal care. They will then work with the Administration staff who will do their very best to get you the earliest appointment available.

Rest assured, our highly skilled specialist and nursing team work collaboratively to ensure that your care is as personalised as possible.

What happens next?

When our Administration staff contact you about an appointment, we will take you through the next steps to help you prepare for your appointment.

Each specialist has slightly different needs for their patients based on any preparation that may be needed for an appointment.

You will be asked to complete a Patient Details Form and some other procedures will also require additional paperwork to be completed.

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