Each specialist waiting time varies and you are offered an appointment within the earliest timeframe determined by your specialist.

Yes, you will need to make an appointment should you have any queries or require clinical information.


If your GP or Optometrist provided the referral, this lasts for 12 months (for the same issue). If your referral was sent by a Specialist, these only last for 3 months

Patients do not need a new referral, if it is for the same medical issue and your referral is still valid (within 12 months). If it is for a new condition, then a new referral is required.

GSSC does not make appointments without a referral. This is specifically because referrals provide your clinical history which can assist the clinician.

The Great Southern Specialist Centre requests that all referrals be addressed to named Specialist within the centre. Cross referrals to the other surgeons within GSSC, however, are accepted.

Most often you do – it is up to the determination of the Specialist once they review your referral. For example, some procedures do not require a consultation however to be clinically assessed appropriately for the public system waitlist, this is a requirement.

Fees & Charges

GSSC is a private clinic and therefore fees do apply and these are based on what the clinician determines. Alternatively, you can be referred to the public hospital clinicians where there are no fees for a consultation.

Fees are determined by your specialist. Specialists may choose to bulk bill your appointment, or offer a pensioner discount, if you meet specific criteria. Please discuss this with the administration team when your appointment is made.

Medicare Rebate

The rebate is returned to your nominated account that you have registered with Medicare. This is due to Specialist item numbers having to be reviewed by Medicare before the claim can be rebated.

Visiting Specialists

All visiting specialist appointments are made via their private rooms in Perth. GSSC does not have access to their patient computer systems. GSSC receives a patient list the day before the specialist arrives.


The specialists usually provide script information in the letter back to your GP for them to continue your care. Some specialised scripts can be repeated. A fee may occur.

Private Health Insurance

Yes, it is entirely your choice. However, should you choose to be admitted as private patient you must make sure you have top hospital cover (lower levels of cover will incur additional fees).

Albany Day Hospital

Albany Day Hospital has strict guidelines for low-risk patients. You may fall outside these guidelines. Alternatively, your procedure may require an overnight stay. The Albany Day Hospital is for day cases only.

Accessing Medical Records

If you are a patient of a specialist from GSSC (not one that visits), you will need to contact the centre and complete a Release of Information Consent form.

Once received your specialist will review your file for your documents to be processed – this can take up to 30 days.  There may be a small fee which covers administration time and printing costs but is dependant on the volume of the request.

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