Essential Referral Information

At Great Southern Specialist Centre, we are committed to streamlining the process of referring and reporting.

To ensure prompt processing of your referral, please ensure the following information is included. Referrals with insufficient information to facilitate triage may be returned with a request for additional information which may delay access to the service.

To assist you in this process, you can simply download our Electronic Referral Form

Our Referral Process

Clinical Information

  • Name of specialist clinic and/or name of clinician to whom the patient is being referred.
  • Reason for referral e.g. assessment only, assessment and management, assessment and share management with GP, diagnostic procedure, suitable for day surgery, second consultant opinion.
  • Working diagnosis.
  • Medical history – current and relevant past.
  • Current medications.
  • Relevant investigations and pathology (within 3 months).
  • Current management of the condition and response to this.

Administrative Information

  • Up-to-date contact details including address and daytime contact numbers for patient and GP.
  • Medicare number.
  • Private health insurance provider and membership number.
  • DVA number if applicable.
  • Need for an interpreter and which language.
  • Other relevant information (such as family support).
  • Date of referral and period for which the referral is valid.
  • Referrer’s provider number.

Sending your referral

  • Secure messaging links and fax numbers for referrals can be found on each specialist’s profile page on the GSSC website.
  • Information for any referral to any other specialists visiting the Great Southern can be found on the Great Southern Specialist Summary page.

Please note: Unless the patient has provided informed consent to do otherwise, referrals forwarded by email should be encrypted and the practice/practitioner must comply with standards for the secure transmission of health information to avoid a breach of patient confidentiality.

Download Referral Process PDF
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