Working with our Medical Colleagues

Our vision is to work collaboratively with specialists already working in the region and attract more visiting specialists to build all specialist services to meet the growing health care demands of the community.

Recent data sourced has provided a good representation of gaps in services and common trends of people having to travel to Perth from Albany. This information has highlighted the highest gaps in ENT, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology, Neurology, Cardiology and Paediatrics. The team at the Great Southern Specialist Centre are working on these identified areas. We aim to work collaboratively with the public system and the local medical industry to reduce these gaps in health services in our community.

We are aware of the challenges GPs face when accessing specialist care for their clients. This may include specialists based significant distances apart making coordination of care challenging and patients having to make multiple trips.

Multiple specialists under the same roof offers several advantages including better and efficient coordination of patient care and communication between specialists. We believe that a central referral facility will lead to improved outcomes in patient care in our community.

We have received overwhelming community support in the realisation of our vision and we look forward to collaboration with our GP colleagues in delivering high quality healthcare to our community.