Albany Day Hospital

The  opening of the private Albany Day Hospital is a welcome addition to services in the Great Southern, supporting the rapidly growing health care needs of our community.

The team at GSSC have been working collaboratively to support this service.

So, what does this mean for your patients? Well, it’s all about choice.

* Giving your patients the option of being treated by a specialist of choice locally

* Shorter waiting times for elective surgery

* Allowing your patients more control over when and where they can be treated

The Great Southern Specialist Centre website has a comprehensive list of both local and visiting specialists for your information.

You can download a regularly updated summary.

Specialist options:

The following both local and visiting Specialists have been accredited for  procedures at the Albany Day Hospital.

Mr Tom Bowles
Mr Edward Yeboah
Mr Mark Hanikeri
Dr Adam Gajdatsy
Dr Franc Henze
Dr Trent Barratt
Mr Matthew Brown
Dr Adam Gadjatsy
Dr Michael Brown

All specialists are no gap providers at this facility.

Patients will need to ensure they have contacted their private health insurance provider and understand both their level of cover and any excess they may be required to pay.

Patient can choose to self fund if they do not have private health insurance.

If the procedure can be done at Albany Day Hospital, the specialist will provide a fee estimate.

The staff at the Albany Day Hospital can assist and direct patients with respective providers to ascertain additional fees.