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Connecting Specialists With Remote Patients and Their GPs.

Telehealth video-conferencing is a modern form of communication for patients in remote areas, for those that can’t easily travel, or for people affected by the pandemic, to connect with a health specialist.

At the Great Southern Specialist Centre we offer Telehealth facilities so that your patients in need can be a part of a clinical consultation while eliminating the inconvenience and cost of travel.

Telehealth video-conferencing is a secure transmission with the same privacy and confidentiality requirements that apply to face-to-face consultations and will not be recorded.

Your role as a GP is to determine whether the patient is suitable for this type of video conference and, in most cases, be present for the consultation.

We can connect with the patient via Skype or FaceTime from your GP office, their home, their work, from a residential aged care facility or local community hospital.

We are happy to arrange a mutually convenient time to review your patient with you, or on their own if required, and this facility can also be utilised for urgent reviews at short notice.

There is a requirement for the patient and specialist to be located a minimum of 15km apart at the time of the consultation. Residents of eligible Residential Aged Care Facilities and patients of eligible Aboriginal Medical Services in all areas of Australia are eligible for specialist video consultations under Medicare.

It is recommended you establish whether your patient meets the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) requirements, prior to engaging with a specialist. Eligibility can be checked here

Patients can use WACHS Telehealth facilities but please note this requires a booking and time slots are not freely available, so advance planning is required.

Great Southern Specialist Centre Telehealth Information for GPs

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