Our Story

The Great Southern Specialist Centre was established to attract, increase and support local and visiting medical specialists in one location in order to provide timely access and a high standard of quality care for patients living in our community.

Back in 2017, local Albany Surgeons, Mr Tom Bowles and Mr Edward Yeboah, recognised that the health services being provided in Albany needed to grow and that local patients were growing increasingly frustrated with the need to travel to Perth for their specialist services.

With the aim of providing regional patients high quality care as close to their homes as possible, the pair (with the support of their families and colleagues) endeavoured to create the Great Southern Specialist Centre.

The mission for Great Southern Specialist Centre goes beyond creating the buildings on Cockburn Road, Mira Mar. Our mission was to bring together all specialist doctors available to the Great Southern to ensure that everyone is working as collaboratively as possible and prioritising patients’ interests. Working with both public and private health care systems, the team have developed a Register of Specialist Doctors who service the Great Southern – a list of all practicing specialists across the region, even those who do not consult at our Cockburn Road facilities.

Our team work hard to continue to grow the number of specialists and specialties available to Albany and Great Southern residents by continuing to attract new doctors to the area to meet the growing demand in our region.

Our Vision

To be recognised as leaders in improving access to specialist medical services, and promoting the coordination of these services, for our regional communities through innovation and collaboration with our partners.

Our Values

As a values-driven organisation, we live and breathe these shared core values. Our values are represented in the culture we create and drive our decision making and are evident across the senior leadership team, our specialists, and administrative staff.

We value showing respect and integrity to our patients and partners and ensure we always follow up on patients where required.

We pride ourselves on always being fair, honest and ensuring we uphold patient confidentiality.

We are driven to collaborate with all our partners for the benefit of patients and are highly engaged with our local community.

We work in partnership with our partners and those who support the health care system. Our combined efforts create better outcomes for our patients and community.

We strive to provide the highest quality of patient care, adopt best practice in medicine and deliver excellent personal service.

Our community involvement, our focus on patient accessibility and our commitment to providing care in regional communities, such as through our Outreach Services, demonstrates our inclusive approach to specialist health.

What makes us different

We believe that what we offer makes us different and this delivers better outcomes for patients and doctors. We strive for:

connected services

Connected Services

We aim to improve the patient experience by encouraging, and where possible facilitating, connected services and information.

specialist resource

Specialist Resource

We are committed to supporting and developing specialist services in the Great Southern and beyond by being the primary resource for specialist services.



We aim to work collaboratively with the medical industry to build, and coordinate, specialist services in our region to meet the growing demands of the community.



We promote access to specialist health care services for both public and private patients.

outreach specialist services

Outreach Specialist Services

We provide outreach services to regional areas, including Katanning and Esperance.

best practices

Best Practice

We integrate the latest technology, research, and education to deliver improved outcomes.

Our Branding

The brand mark developed for the Great Southern Specialist Centre is a representation of the distinctive Southern Cross flower (Xanthosia Rotundifolia), which is endemic to the Great Southern region of Western Australia.

The unique shape of the flower alludes to the cross symbol traditionally associated with medical services and health care and reflect the varied specialist medical services that have come together in one place to serve and care for our local community.

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