Our Vision

To be recognised as leaders in improving access to specialist medical services, and promoting the coordination of these services, for our regional communities through innovation and collaboration with our partners.

Our Values







Our Purpose

  • Connected Services: We aim to improve the patient experience by encouraging, and where possible facilitating, connected services and information.
  • Specialist Resource: We are committed to supporting and developing specialist services in the Great Southern and beyond by being the primary resource for specialist services.
  • Collaboration: We aim to work collaboratively with the medical industry to build, and coordinate, specialist services in our region to meet the growing demands of the community.
  • Choice: We promote access to specialist health care services for both public and private patients.
  • Outreach Specialist Services: We provide outreach services to regional areas, including Katanning and Esperance.
  • Best Practice: We integrate the latest technology, research, and education to deliver improved outcomes.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Strengthen our Governance and Operational Management – Priority Actions

1.1 Establish a corporate strategy monitoring and review cycle.

1.2 Develop, maintain, and communicate Corporate Governance and Management suite of policies and procedures.

1.3 Risk management framework.

1.4 Business Continuity Plan.

1.5 Review compliance standards and accreditations.

1.6 Asset and equipment management plan.

1.7 Establish independently facilitated dispute management policy and procedures for operational team, leadership group, directors and specialists.

1.8 Annual corporate policy review cycle.

1.9 Improve integration and functionality of website with the aim of streamlining administration.

Goal 2: Strengthen our Team – Priority Actions

2.1 Improve clarity of Leadership Team roles, responsibilities, and expectations by developing JDFs for directors, business manager, company secretary and arrangement A specialists.

2.2 Stabilise our Support Team by:

2.2.1 Ensuring adequate support resources to meet growth in specialist medical activity.

2.2.2 Reviewing team members’ JDFs.

2.2.3 Refining recruitment and selection processes to ensure strong team fit.

2.2.4 Reviewing induction and training programs.

2.2.5 Refining performance management processes.

2.3 Establish a calendar of regular whole of team meetings.

2.4 Establish calendar of twice- yearly team building workshops.

Goal 3: Strengthen our External Relationships – Priority Actions

3.1 Develop and implement a relationship management strategy to guide effective engagement with targeted key stakeholders.

Goal 4: Strengthen our Services – Priority Actions

4.1 Expand physical capacity of GSSC to accommodate future growth.

4.2 Develop an attraction and induction strategy for a targeted range of medical specialists as a means of ensuring that agreed service gaps are filled and that GSSC’s requirements and expectations are clearly articulated.